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What is PVC? | Commit to deliver custom solution of Polyvinyl Chloride sheeting to clients over 60 countries worldwide

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What is PVC? | Flexible PVC Plastic Sheets Manufacturer | SKP

Located in Taiwan since 1986, Shih-Kuen Plastics Co., Ltd. has been a PVC sheets and vinyl films manufacturer. Their main plastic sheets, include clear PVC plastic sheets, textured vinyl sheets, PVC films and thick laminated PVC sheets, which are ISO9001, ISO14001, D&B and TÜV certified.

With over 30 years of experience in vinyl industry, Shih-Kuen Plastics continuously supports clients with custom-made plastic sheet material consultation and services. Our team is designed to respond to market change and clients' demands effectively. The priority of Shih-Keun Plastics is to deliver certified and qualify flexible PVC sheet rolls.

SKP has been offering customers flexible PVC plastic sheets, both with high-quality manufacturing and 38 years of experience, SKP ensures each customer's demands are met.

What is PVC?

Learn more about this well-develped, stable yet versatile plastic material

Shih-Kuen Plastics specialize in custom PVC plastic sheets. This material has been used for decades and are still applying in our day-to-day lives.

Polyvinyl Chloride (aka PVC or vinyl) is one of the wildly used plastic material for versatile workability, great chemical resistance, waterproof and lightweight features. It is an excellent material for inflatable products, waterproof textile, curtains, protection covers, stationery, to construction material, etc. Ever starting in 70s, PVC manufacturing capacity has improved tremendously in respond to the increasing and diversified PVC demands. It is safe and stable alternative to ease the resource limits.

Frequently Asked Questions about PVC

Is PVC Clear?

PVC rolls are available in transparent colors and commonly used in outdoor window, entrance dividor and surface protector.
PVC sheetss are popular subsitution for glass. It is more cost effective and stronger and safer to handle.

Is PVC Waterproof?

PVC repells water and is designed to replace natural resource like rubber. PVC (aka vinyl) is waterproof and also insulator. It's widely used in the colored electrical insulation tape to protect the wires which conduct electricity. PVC sheets can be used on the waterproof garments, shoesmaterial and bags. Vinyl (PVC) is durable and light-weight material and still is go-to material for many applications in people's daily lives.

Is PVC Soft?

Flexible PVC sheets has added plasticizers compound to modify the hardness of materiald. This add great cusomizaion options for users in a wide range of applications.
By adjusting the PVC thickness, PVC sheets can be as soft as the fabric or durable as the floor protector from scratch.

Advantages of PVC

● Lightweight
● Waterproof
● Insulation
● Easy to fabricate and process
● Hardness adjustment. Great customization options to personlize your material ● Cost Savings
● Material Safety: PVC will not shatter in pieces like glass.

Here are some common soft pvc applications in our life. You will be suprised you're very familier with such material.

Market Difference
We do not support specific PVC sheets in stocks because every customer applications and scenarios are different. Even the same speciation, if the selling markets are different, the material standards or packages may vary. For school supplies, depending on the age group of the target users, some may need REACH standards, and other will use Non-Phthalates formula.
Environment Difference
PVC Sheets could also use in different outdoor environment. We supply Super Clear PVC Sheet with UV additives that are using in yacht cover and party tents. For extreme weather in the higher climate, our clients also customize PVC sheets with cold-crack additives to strengthen weather durability. With easy maintenance and avoid chemicals, PVC sheets are durable and reusable.

Shih-Kuen Plastics, Taiwan

What PVC We Make

Shih-Kuen Plastics specialized in flexible PVC Sheet customizing material hardness from 10 to 55 phr (parts per hundred resin). Flexible PVC Sheets could be called soft PVC sheet, PVC film, Vinyl film interchangeably.

We specialize in custom PVC sheet from colors, textures, thickness, hardness and specialty film. You could search by your requests as following: 

1. Search by Hardness:
Flexible: 26-55 phr*. All our products are custom made for your hardness
Semi-Rigid: 10-25 phr*. More info on Semi-Rigid PVC Sheet page.

*phr (aka parts per hundred resin) indicates the amount of plasticizer added to the material. The higher the phr, the softer and more flexible.  

2. Search by Thickness:
Thickness over 0.6mm -3mm:Check Thick PVC Sheet
Thickness between 0.15mm - 0.6mm: Select from Normal Clear, Super Clear, Colored PVC Sheet
Thickness between 0.05mm – 0.15mm: Choose Normal Clear

3. Search by types:
Double Glossy: Select from Normal ClearSuper ClearColored PVC Sheet
Embossing (one or double sides): Check Textured PVC Sheet 
Matt: Browse Translucent PVC Sheet
Thick/ Heavy Duty PVC Sheet: Check Thick PVC Sheet

4. Search by colors:
Transparent: Check Double Polished PVC Sheet
Transparent Colored: Check Transparent Colored PVC 
Translucent: Check Translucent PVC Sheet
Colored : Browse Colored PVC Sheet section

OEM & ODM Service Available.
Contact our sales team today for material consultation or find the nearest SKP distributors.