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Enjoy great locaitons to access the largest port in Taiwan | Commit to deliver custom solution of Polyvinyl Chloride sheeting to clients over 60 countries worldwide

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Location Benefits | Flexible PVC Plastic Sheets Manufacturer | SKP

Located in Taiwan since 1986, Shih-Kuen Plastics Co., Ltd. has been a PVC sheets and vinyl films manufacturer. Their main plastic sheets, include clear PVC plastic sheets, textured vinyl sheets, PVC films and thick laminated PVC sheets, which are ISO9001, ISO14001, D&B and TÜV certified.

With over 30 years of experience in vinyl industry, Shih-Kuen Plastics continuously supports clients with professional plastic sheet material consultation and services. Our team structure is designed to respond to market change and clients' demands effectively. Our priority is to deliver certified and qualify flexible PVC sheet rolls.

SKP has been offering customers flexible PVC plastic sheets, both with high-quality manufacturing and 37 years of experience, SKP ensures each customer's demands are met.

Location Benefits

Key Strength for Prompt PVC Sheet Delivery

Shih-Kuen Plastics Co., Ltd. adapts multiple PVC canlendering lines to manufacture clear PVC sheets, PVC films, heavy duty clear plastic sheeting and colored PVC films rolls. From inputting PVC resins, plasticizers and color pigment into henschel mixers and extruding united compounds into calender rollers, all our PVC sheets are solely manufactured in house ensuring PVC sheets quality and safety.

All PVC Sheets are made in Taiwan.

Warm Climate throughout the Year

We are located in Tainan, the southwest of Taiwan. It is the culture capital full of histories and charms. We enjoy stably warm weather and longer hours of sunshine as compare to the north. The average temperature is about 25 degree Celsius.

Shih-Kuen Plastics has incorporated in 1986 in Ma-Dou District, the heartland of Tainan. It has the nickname of Pomelo City as we have supplied the highest quality of this sweet citrus fruit. Almost every family in Ma-Dou grows pomelo trees in their garden or farm. In Spring when all the trees are in full blossom, we are surrounded by the Pomelo flowers and its refreshing fragrance. While over 50% of populations engaged in agriculture, we have an industrial district with over 400 registered companies.

Location for Fast Delivery

Shih-Kuen Plastics is part of Ma-Dou Industrial District joining over 400 suppliers in neighborhood. The key advantage is the great accessibility and traffic.
Within 5-minute-drive to Taiwan National Freeway #1, also known as Sun Yat-Sen Freeway, this helps us to acquire raw material effectively and connect with suppliers and customers easily. We could deliver our products to the nearest Kaohsiung Port in 1.5 hours, ensuring punctual delivery.

Close to the Largest Port in Taiwan

The Port of Kaohsiung the largest discharging port in Taiwan, operated by Taiwan International Ports Corporation. This port locates at the southwest of Taiwan. This is a busy container port and transport hub between Asia, Europe and America, accounting for over 60% of Taiwan export and import volumes.

Deliver PVC Sheet Worldwide

We’ve delivered our customized PVC sheet solutions to over 50 nations. With our experienced logistic team, we offer prompt and easy exporting service worldwide and a versatile packaging selection. We affirm your PVC sheet is delivered safely and on schedule indeed.