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PVC Applications in House and Office Supplies | Commit to deliver custom solution of Polyvinyl Chloride sheeting to clients over 60 countries worldwide

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Home & Office Supplies PVC Sheet Applications - PVC Applications in House and Office Supplies | Over 35 Years Flexible PVC Plastic Sheets Manufacturer | SKP

Located in Taiwan since 1986, Shih-Kuen Plastics Co., Ltd. has been a PVC sheets and vinyl films manufacturer. Their main plastic sheets, include clear PVC plastic sheets, textured vinyl sheets, PVC films and thick laminated PVC sheets, which are ISO9001, ISO14001, D&B and TÜV certified.

With over 35 years of experience, we offer domestic and foreign customers with customized PVC sheet material. Our main products are double polished PVC Vinyl Sheets, textured vinyl PVC plastic Sheets, thick laminated PVC plastic sheeting, customizable polyvinyl chloride plastic sheets etc. With over 30 years of experience in vinyl industry, Shih-Kuen Plastics continuously supports clients with professional plastic sheet material consultation and services. Our team structure is designed to respond to market change and clients' demands effectively. Our priority is to deliver certified and qualify flexible PVC sheet rolls.

SKP has been offering customers flexible PVC plastic sheets, both with high-quality manufacturing and 37 years of experience, SKP ensures each customer's demands are met.

Home & Office Supplies PVC Sheet Applications

PVC Applications in House and Office Supplies
PVC Applications in House and Office Supplies

Flexible Soft PVC sheet material is durable and easy to fabricate, print, weld. With wide range of thickness, transparent / color selection and hardness (strength), the applications of PVC sheets are countless and commonly applied in household and school stationary supplies. It could be transparent, translucent or opaque color, that helps clients to design different projects.

Shih-Kuen Plastic offers custom made PVC sheet material based on your material request. With our team of professional RD and passionate team mate, we are helping you to discover the right plastics material. Contact us today to get one to one consultation.

Popular home and office supplies made by flexible PVC sheet:

● Binder Covers, Business Card Holder Protector, Name Card Binders
● Cutting Mat & Floor Mat
● Waterproof Bags & Reusable Packages
● Disposable Bedsheets & Pillow Case
● Shower Curtain
● Digital Printing
● Vinyl Stickers with Print
● Desk Protector & Placement Mat
● Waterproof Table Cloth
● Transparent Badge Holder
● Inflatables Toys (eg. Inflatable Bouncer, Inflatable Water Slides, Inflatable Balls)

Office Binder with PVC Embossed Cover
This durable office binder cover used opaque embossing PVC sheet. Soft PVC sheet is durable and waterproof, so it's the excellent material to day-to-day office supplies. We offer color matching service to help you produce same color and saturation of flexible plastic material. We offer a wide range of embossing styles, contact us today to find the right styles you need.
Welding Transparent Backpack
Transparent see-through back-back is using the premium Super Clear grade laminated PVC sheet. You could customize the hardness of the material based on your preference. PVC sheet can be processed by welding, punched and sewing. This works like waterproof fabric that is simply to process.
Reusable Clear Plastics Bags
This chic transparent bag and pouches are made by glossy flexible PVC vinyl sheet. Super Clear PVC sheet has the highest transparency that could directly display the object beneath. Because of its premium look and durability, PVC sheet is often used in the quality packaging that encouraging users to reuse the packaging.
Printed Inflatable Swimming Ring
Soft PVC sheets has great tearing and tensile strength, so it’s ideal material for inflatables. Popular inflatables include toys, swimming pools, or outdoor 3D inflatable signs.
Decorative Vinyl Tablecloth
PVC sheets are also widely used on the dining table. Other than protecting scratch and decoration purpose, PVC sheets are easy to maintain. You could clean PVC sheet with damp cloth.
Glossy Desk Protector
Protecting your desk and covers with the premium laminated PVC sheet in super clear grade. This glossy finish not only protects covers from scratch; it also has excellent transparency. SKP's laminated PVC sheets can be customized from thickness of 0.6mm to 3.00 mm.
Clear Static Clings Vinyl Stickers
Vinyl Stickers are made by thin PVC Vinyl film to the minimum thickness of 0.13mm to 0.15mm. You could order clear PVC sheet or white PVC and process to printing.
Heavy-Duty Cutting Matt
This opaque laminated PVC sheet is about 1.2mm -1.22mm thick. Dark green opaque PVC sheets are popular cutting matt material for the great contrast with white paper. Cutting matt is school supply essentials so we offer non-P (Phthalates-free) formula that is safe to use in school and Europe market.
Computer Cut Vinyl
PVC sheets can be used in the outdoor sign and cut vinyl. These glossy opaque color PVC sheets have been added with adhesive, and ready to be cut as vinyl stickers.
Material Recommendations
  • Super Clear PVC Sheet - Super Clear PVC with Premium Transparency
    Super Clear PVC Sheet

    With excellent transparency and clarity, Super Clear PVC sheets can be used in protective covers, curtains and bags to ensure excellent visibility and polished looks. Shih-Kuen Plastics adapts special treatment to strengthen the crystal-clear finish. The entire process of Super Clear PVC vinyl sheets is produced in house for complete quality control. Our clear plastic sheets are qualified of EN71-Part III: Migration of Certain Elements and are also available to tailor made material for REACH, RoHS, or Non-Phthalates standards.Customize flexible PVC sheeting to your choice of color tint, width, thickness, hardness to special material requests. PVC Sheets are packaged in rolls and ready to proceed various processing methods at your sides.

  • Normal Clear PVC Sheet - Customizable Glossy PVC Sheet
    Normal Clear PVC Sheet

    PVC sheets are the common material used in household items, stationery, general purpose goods, covers, etc. Due to the nature of the plastic sheeting, the surface is sticky. It's optional to add power between layers to improve workability. The entire process of Normal Clear PVC vinyl sheets is produced in house to ensure product quality. Clear plastic sheets produced by Shih-Kuen Plastics are qualified of EN71-Part III: Migration of Certain Elements. It's also available to tailor material fulfilling REACH, RoHS, or Non-Phthalates standards.The key advantage of flexible PVC sheets is the ability to adjust hardness. We use phr (a.k.a parts per hundreds resins, plasticizer per hundreds ratio) to indicate hardness. If you're unsure about the material specifications, please kindly send us samples for material analysis.Flexible PVC sheeting is easy to fabricate in a wide range of fabrication options. All plastic sheets are packed in rolls and it's ready for the secondary processing.Customize flexible PVC sheeting to your choice of color tint, width, thickness, to special requests.

  • Transparent Colored PVC Sheet - Transparent Colored PVC Sheet Rolls
    Transparent Colored PVC Sheet

    Transparent Colored PVC Sheets has double polished surface (front and back sides). Although plastic sheeting is colored, it sill remains the see-through and glossy effects. SKP's colored plastic sheets are custom color and provide color matching services. Transparent Color sheeting is available in two transparency grades, Normal Clear and Super Clear PVC.Depending on your application needs, Super Clear grade has glossier and crystal-clear finish, but the surface will be stickier than the Normal Clear grade. For easier processing, you may consider Normal Clear grade but with lower transparency. Dusting powder on top of the sheeting could improve processing but would decrease material transparency; If you are uncertain about material selection, please contact our sales team so our sales team could assist your inquiry.PVC compounds are one of economical material for various applications from household items, stationery, general purpose goods, covers, etc.Colors of PVC sheet rolls are custom made helping customers to find the matching colors. Please note colors could be affected by thickness, textured and opacity; for better color accuracy, please provide A4-size sample.We understand the safety of plastic sheet is the top priority. From material to processing, we strictly control our production to ensure all material are qualified by EN71-Part III. PVC sheets could also made to comply with other tests namely REACH, CPSIA, CHCC, ASTM F963, etc.

  • Opaque Textured PVC Sheet - Colored Opaque PVC plastic Sheets
    Opaque Textured PVC Sheet

    Opaque Textured PVC Sheets offers custom colors and a selection of embossing patterns service. With rich colors of plastic sheeting, the lights do not pass through the material; this type of plastic vinyl sheet is commonly used in advertising sings, banners, cut vinyl, stationary products, etc. We tailor made every order from color, saturation, embossing, gauges, hardness to special properties. Please note textures and thickness may affect color, for the purpose of color accuracy, please send us the sample for analysis.We understand the safety of plastics material and thus strictly control our material and processing. Our PVC sheet complies with EN71 Part III: Migration of Certain Elements. We also support safe material compliant with REACH, CPSIA, RoHS standards upon your requests.Flexible PVC Sheets are packed in rolls and ready to proceed next fabrication at your site.All colored PVC sheeting's are made to order. Send us the sample for the color match.

  • Translucent Textured PVC Sheet - Semi-Transparent PVC Sheet
    Translucent Textured PVC Sheet

    We are committed to offer the colored PVC plastic sheet rolls to fulfill different demands. Our made to order flexible PVC sheets is your optimal solution for your design and processing needs. PVC (stands for polyvinyl chloride) is one of the popular polymers due to its versatility. The hardness could be adjusted from 27-55 phr (parts per hundred resin) You could customize hardness, color and additives to optimize the material from cosmetic to functional needs.The sheeting thickness may affect color saturation. To help us prepare the matching material, please send us the color sample for confirmation. Every order is tailor made to meet your specifications. If you have any question and concern regarding PVC sheets, please contact us for one-to-one consultation.

  • Semi-Rigid Textured PVC Sheet - Custom Colored Semi-Rigid PVC Sheet Rolls
    Semi-Rigid Textured PVC Sheet

    Semi-rigid PVC sheets possess advantages of both flexible PVC and rigid PVC sheets. Comparing with flexible type, Semi-rigid PVC sheets has more industrial applications because of harder texture. It is the common material for construction, vinyl flooring, advertising banner and protective films applications. While rigid PVC sheet could not adjust hardness, you could adjust the hardness of semi-rigid PVC between 10 to 26 phr; the hardness of flexible PVC sheet is 27 - 50 phr. PHR stands for parts per hundred resins, indicating the amount of plasticizer used in 100g of PVC resins. The larger phr would have more plasticizer that result in softer touch.Shih-Kuen Plastics is dedicated to provide quality and safe PVC sheets to you. All our material complies with EN71 Part III: Migration of Certain Elements Standards, and it is also available to meet REACH, CPSIA, SVHS or other safety standard. To help customers enhance their processing efficiency and material utilization, our PVC sheet rolls are tailor made to meet your specifications.The color of plastics sheeting could be affected by textures and thickness. Please kindly provide the A4 size sample for color matching.