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Company Address Update Announcement | Taiwan Roofing PVC Sheet & Vinyl Film Manufacturer | SKP

Located in Taiwan since 1986, Shih-Kuen Plastics Co., Ltd. has been a PVC sheets and vinyl films manufacturer. Their main plastic sheets, include clear PVC plastic sheets, textured vinyl sheets, PVC films and thick laminated PVC sheets, which are ISO9001, ISO14001, D&B and TÜV certified.

With over 35 years of experience, we offer domestic and foreign customers with customized PVC sheet material. Our main products are double polished PVC Vinyl Sheets, textured vinyl PVC plastic Sheets, thick laminated PVC plastic sheeting, customizable polyvinyl chloride plastic sheets etc. With over 30 years of experience in vinyl industry, Shih-Kuen Plastics continuously supports clients with custom-made plastic sheet material consultation and services. Our team is designed to respond to market change and clients' demands effectively. The priority of Shih-Keun Plastics is to deliver certified and qualify flexible PVC sheet rolls.

SKP has been offering customers flexible PVC plastic sheets, both with high-quality manufacturing and 38 years of experience, SKP ensures each customer's demands are met.

Company Address Update Announcement

2024/06/20 SKP
SKP Google Map
SKP Google Map

Starting from today June 20, 2024, the company address has updated

In response to the Tainan City Government's implementation of the Madou Industrial Zone land readjustment project, which includes the section of Ma-dou Kou where Shi-Kuen Plastic is located, the industrial zone will develop public facilities through urban planning and improve traffic within the area.


The address of Shikun Plastic Company has changed to:

#125 and #127, Ma-Gong 3rd Road, Ma-Kou Li, Ma-Dou District, Tainan City


Please use the following Google Maps link for the location directing to Shih-Kuen Plastics (SKP) and entere enter our company from Ma-Gong 3rd Road. Google Maps Link


For more details on the announcement from the Tainan City Government Madou Industrial Bureau, please refer to:

Tainan Government Announcement (Updated on April 12, 2023)