Specialty PVC Plastic Sheet Rolls

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30 Years of Specialty PVC Plastic Sheet Rolls Supply | SKP

Shih-Kuen Plastics (SKP) specialized in customized Specialty PVC Plastic Sheet Rolls. We joined vinyl industry in 1986 and has served customers over 55 countries worldwide.

SKP supplies safe and quality PVC sheets by using 100% virgin raw PVC resin and plasticizers. All our PVC plastic sheets are qualified with EN71 standards and are tailor made for specific safety standards namely REACH, RoHS and Non-Phthalates.

SKP has been offering customers high-quality flexible PVC sheet & vinyl film, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, SKP ensures each customer's demands are met.

Specialty PVC Plastic Sheet Rolls

Tailor Made Your Own PVC Sheets Targeting Your Material Applications and Markets

Optimize Your PVC Sheets with Stronger Durability
Optimize Your PVC Sheets with Stronger Durability

Comparing to other thermoplastic, PVC polyvinyl chloride undoubtedly has one of the widest range of applications. The additives could adjust hardness, color, to even special environment. PVC Sheets are still popular material in human activities from miscellaneous household goods, construction material to outdoor facilities.

Other than tailoring the color, thickness and texture of PVC sheets, it could also take into account your processing methods and regulations in your market.
For thickness 0.5mm PVC sheet, while it could be used as the table protector in your house, but it could also used outdoor as balcony shield. The major difference is the exposure of UV and temperature difference. It’s common to add Anti-UV additives for outdoor PVC sheet. Depending on the user scenarios and exposure of sunlight, Anti-UV additives dosage will be adjusted accordingly.
PVC sheet could also be used in minus degree; Normally PVC will be cracked and embrittled. Adding cold-crack additives are popular solution to prolong material durability at low temperature.

There are endless possibilities for PVC sheet applications, and we are always an email away to help you find the right solutions for your request. Contact us today for any PVC inquires.

ISO 9001 and TÜV Certified Manufacturer

Shih-Kuen Plastics has recruited a group of vinyl industry experts, experienced sales, R&D and production team to help our customers find the matching material for specific applications.

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