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30 Years of Flexible PVC Sheet & Vinyl Film Quality Supply | SKP

Shih-Kuen Plastics (SKP) specialized in customized soft PVC sheets & vinyl film rolls. We joined vinyl industry in 1986 and has served customers over 55 countries worldwide.

SKP supplies safe and quality PVC sheets by using 100% virgin raw PVC resin and plasticizers. All our PVC plastic sheets are qualified with EN71 standards and are tailor made for specific safety standards namely REACH, RoHS and Non-Phthalates.

SKP has been offering customers high-quality flexible PVC sheet & vinyl film, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, SKP ensures each customer's demands are met.


Applicable Sectors

Soft PVC Applications

Flexible PVC sheets are ideal for various applications and industries because of its versatility and excellent properties. Shih-Kuen Plastics has been partnered with Taiwan and international clients with complete PVC Sheet solutions over 3 decades.

We have organized the most common material applications below. This is the PVC applications overview. If you do not see your requested application in the list, contact us for direct material consultation. We are an email away to answer your qeustions.

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  • Home & Office Supplies PVC Sheet Applications - PVC Applications in House and Office Supplies
    Home & Office Supplies PVC Sheet Applications

    Flexible Soft PVC sheet material is durable and easy to fabricate, print, weld. With wide range of thickness, transparent / color selection and hardness (strength), the applications of PVC sheets are countless and commonly applied in household and school stationary supplies. It could be transparent, translucent or opaque color, that helps clients to design different projects.Shih-Kuen Plastic offers custom made PVC sheet material based on your material request. With our team of professional RD and passionate team mate, we are helping you to discover the right plastics material. Contact us today to get one to one consultation.Popular home and office supplies made by flexible PVC sheet: ● Binder Covers, Business Card Holder Protector, Name Card Binders ● Cutting Mat & Floor Mat ● Waterproof Bags & Reusable Packages ● Disposable Bedsheets & Pillow Case ● Shower Curtain ● Digital Printing ● Vinyl Stickers with Print ● Desk Protector & Placement Mat ● Waterproof Table Cloth ● Transparent Badge Holder ● Inflatables Toys (eg. Inflatable Bouncer, Inflatable Water Slides, Inflatable Balls)

  • Construction and Industrial PVC Plastic Sheeting Applications - PVC Applications in Construction and Home Interior Design
    Construction and Industrial PVC Plastic Sheeting Applications

    Taking Advantages of Soft PVC's Strength, Durability and High CustomizationSoft PVC sheet is the popular material in construction especially home decoration sector. It's durable, highly customization and easy to print.With wide selections of embossing styles, PVC sheet could even resemble wooden and leather texture meeting diverse cosmetic standards. Replacing traditional tiles, PVC flooring is easier to install that becomes popular alternatives for public facilities and DIY material in household.To strengthen material properties, you could also add cold crack, fire retardant and anti-UV additives. Please kindly share your applications in details and our sales team could suggest PVC sheets solutions for your needs.PVC sheet applications in construction and industrial sectors:● Vinyl Floor ● Decorative Skin ● Wallpaper ● Frosted Window Film ● Overlay Membrane ● Welding Curtain ● Protective shields in public transport (eg. Taxi, Bus, Vehicles) ● Cashier's Shields

  • Outdoor PVC Waterproof Covers - PVC Applications in Outdoor Tent and Anti-UV Cover
    Outdoor PVC Waterproof Covers

    PVC sheets are applied in outdoor tent, tarpaulin and covers because of its features of easy processing and transparency. From ultrasonic welding, lamination to printing, PVC sheets are the ideal material for designers by helping them to achieve certain design aesthetic.For outdoor PVC sheets, you could consider adding anti-UV formula, fire-retardant or request REACH, RoHS, Non-Phthalates material. Contact our sales team today to discuss your inquiry more in depth.Popular outdoor PVC sheet applications include: ● Tarpaulin ● Yacht Window ● Transparent Tent ● Sunshade Awning

  • PVC Sheets for Medical Applications - PVC Applications in Health Sector and Hospitals
    PVC Sheets for Medical Applications

    Plastic products are now part of medical and healthcare sectors. Common soft PVC applications used in hospitals include (disposable) bed sheet, pillow case, bed pad, to urine bag.Soft PVC Sheet offer users durability, comfort texture, mobility and great flexibility. Instead of using fabric and textile, PVC sheet is easier to maintain and clean, improving hygiene conditions. Other flexible PVC sheet advantages include transparency, lightweight, durability, lower cost and great isolation properties.To enhance material usage in special conditions, PVC sheet could also customize with fire retardant, Non-Phthalates and REACH-compliance. Contact our sales representative to tailor fit your request.Popular PVC Sheet applications in health sectors include: ● Urine Drainage Bags ● Medical Wristband ● Ice Packs ● Disposable Bedsheets & Pillow Case ● Bed Sheets ● Curtain Divider ● Facemasks ● Protective Shields

  • Personal Protective Products PVC Applications - PVC Applications in Personal Protective Products
    Personal Protective Products PVC Applications

    PVC sheets are wildly used during COVID-19 outbreak. The material is strong, durable and flexible that can be easily fabricated in different protection products from indoor barriers, replacement shield and face shield.Premium transparency of PVC sheets are installed as partitions to reinforce physical distancing, and add additional protection on top of wearing masks. PVC sheets are also made for transparent face shield to improve personal protection.These are intercepting respiratory droplets, and must be cleaned in daily basis. You could clean PVC sheet with soap and water.● Car Partitions for SUV, Sedan Vehicles ● Transparent Barrier for Virus Protection ● Transparent Face Shields ● Welding Curtain ● Protective shields in public transport (eg. Taxi, Bus, Vehicles) ● Cashier's Shields

Result 1 - 5 of 5